Design, User Research


The idea behind "Your Vote Matters" was to get young voters to participate in the 2020 Election. I designed a set of Instagram stories that would show young voters just how easy it is to vote and the impact it has.


My initial step was to figure out who my audience would be. While researching different topics about voting, I discovered that young voters felt that their vote would not make a difference. I also discovered that people, ages 18-24, avoided voting since they were not sure how to. I began researching different online campaign ads whos main target were young people. I wanted to make the ads both educational and inspirational as a way to motivate this age group to go out and vote.

Mind Mapping

I created a mind map to get an understanding of the underlying parts of what voting meant. I focused on the who, how, and what that affect voting here in the U.S.

mind mapping for your vote matters

Final Results

8 instagram story post

Your Vote Matters story 1
Your Vote Matters story 2
Your Vote Matters story 3
Your Vote Matters story 4
Your Vote Matters story 5
Your Vote Matters story 6
Your Vote Matters story 7
Your Vote Matters story 8

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