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My main objective for this project was to tackle a problem within my community. Mental health in youth is a problem that affects communities on a regular basis. The problem I decided on was mental health and youth as I felt that it is an issue that is very common and yet not talked about much.


Create a safe zone where college students can get help from a professional.


Competitive Research

I looked through different services that helped people with mental health issues. The services I came across were mostly online and provided 24/7 help for their users. The services could be covered by their insurance or out of pocket. The rates of each service varied based on different packages the user could choose from.

Student opinions

I created a Google Jamboard and Reddit question to see things from the students' point of view. I asked them questions related to where these services, that the colleges provide, could improve and how they could approach the problem. I discovered that most students felt that colleges were not doing enough and that the counseling should expand their services.

Google Jamboard answers to mental health prompt

Product Vision


Student Haven is an app that is available for college students, specifically those in the CUNY system. The app is for students who are in need of talking to a professional about their mental health. The student will be able to set up appointments through the app. Help will be available 24/7 and free of cost.


SafeHaven Persona


The initial idea was to have students enter their school ID numbers to use the app. The app would include a journal so that users can input how they are feeling, reminders, and notifications of recent messages

SafeHaven paper wireframe 2
SafeHaven paper wireframe 1



Onboarding screens were designed to get users familiarized with the product.

Removing Journal

After testing with users, the idea of including a journal was removed.

Final Results

SafeHaven main screen

SafeHaven initial screen

ID input screen

SafeHaven ID input screen

SafeHaven onboarding screens

SafeHaven onboarding screen 1
SafeHaven onboarding screen 2
SafeHaven onboarding screen 3

SafeHaven home screen that includes any new messages and people who are currently available to contact

SafeHaven home screen

Therapist bio screen that allows users to learn more about each therapist

SafeHaven therapist bio screen

Session that is being done via video call and text

SafeHaven session

Final Thoughts

The biggest constraint with this project was definitely time. With more time I would have further explored how to implement a journal of sorts into the app. I would have also worked on the illustrations myself. Thanks to for the amazing free illustrations.

I think this project has real potential and could have a huge impact within the college community. As someone who has experienced the college life, I know how stressful it can be.

A big thank you to the people who told me their stories from their point of view!

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