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UX researcher, UI designer, graphic designer, and Web Developer


Adonis Auto Detailing is a detailing service located in NYC. Adonis deals with both interior and exterior services at a good price and is still expanding the services they are currently offering. Although their entry into the auto service industry is new, they understand the importance of good customer service. They want their customers to always be satisfied with the outcome of their vehicle.

Adonis Auto Detailing logo


Considering Adonis Auto Detailing is an up-and-coming business, the goal was to create an online presence and to increase engagement.


Interviewing Adonis

To better understand the work of Junior, I interviewed him. I asked him questions related to his business and what his goals were. From the interview, I was able to discover how Junior wanted his business to be viewed.

Competitive Research

I analyzed different businesses that were in the detailing industry. I wanted to learn what was working for these businesses, how they were approaching their customers, and the most important information they displayed on their websites.

Product Vision

adonis review


Responsive website that would allow users to learn more about Adonis Auto Detailing and its services. The website includes different methods of contact, location of the business, and methods to improve business credibility.

Website Essential Features

The main features involved getting the user to trust Adonis for their work and a variety of methods to making the owner of Adonis easy to reach. The idea is to let the user know that Adonis is always there to help.

Site Map

Adonis site map

User flow

Adonis user flow


Adonis Auto Detailing wireframes

User Testing


After testing the prototype with the users, changes were made. The navigation included a link to exterior and interior services which confused users. I changed the navigation so that it would include all the services provided by Adonis Auto Detailing.

Contact Form

The contact form was improved by allowing users to check the services they wanted. This would help in making the procedure of setting up a service much more efficient.

Homepage Reviews

The homepage was updated by including reviews from previous customers as a method to attract new customers.

Final Outcome

The Homepage that includes a small intro of the business, reviews, link to the ontact page, and links to the service pages.

Adonis website homepage

Each service page includes details of the process behind the service, prices, contact button, and FAQS section related to the service.

Adonis website service info Adonis website service info

FAQS page that includes information regarding Adonis and its services.

Adonis website FAQS page

The images in the gallery are divided based on the service they are connected to. The idea of the gallery is to get users to see how efficient Adonis is.

Adonis website gallery page Adonis website gallery page

The reviews page is intended to show customer satisfaction. Each of the reviews were taken from Google.

Adonis website reviews

This section is located in the homepage as a CTA.

Adonis website CTA

Contact page with form that allows users to pick the services they want

Adonis Auto Detailing contact page and form

Adonis Auto Detailing Logo

Adonis Auto Detailing logo
Adonis Auto Detailing logo


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Final Thoughts

This was my first official project. It was honestly very exciting to be able to use all of my skills. I managed to not only design but also develop a website all on my own. I discovered the hardships behind doing a project on your own and also developed techniques to speed up my process.

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