HAP Virtual Reality Tour


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Shouvick Koley


Located in Queens Hall at Queens College, the Hellenic American Project is a multipurpose cultural center focusing on the development and diversity of Greek American people through oral history and the Arts.

Hellenic-American Project


Because of the pandemic, HAP and museums all over the world have been closed down for safety reasons. The shutdown had HAP lose one of its methods in making a profit and in engaging new users.


Help HAP transition into an online format to engage with new and current users during these hard times.

Stakeholder Interview

My team and I decided to interview the director of HAP to learn more about what HAP was and to discover potential opportunities. Together we came up with questions that explored the organization’s method of outreach and its current audience. Through the interview, we learned that HAP wanted to engage with a younger audience and wanted more people to become aware of HAP.

Competitive Research

My team and I looked through many museums’ as they were facing the same situation. We discovered that these museums were hosting their events/exhibits online via zoom and were adding virtual tours.

Product Vision


Our persona is someone who is young and is seeking to find a fun event online. Because of COVID she has been limited to where she can go since almost everything is closed. Her interest are in art and social events.

HAP virtual tour persona

User Flow

A look into how a user would interact with the virtual tour. The user would receive the link to the virtual tour via email or simply by going on the HAP VR tour landing page.

HAP virtual tour user flow

Final Outcome

After testing our prototype with people we were able to see what improvements we could make. The current prototype has more indicators so that the user can better navigate the tour. Included are the museum page, the tour start page, donation prompt and one of the exhibits in the VR tour.

The landing page contains the link to the VR tour, information on the exhibits that would be displayed, and tips for users before initiating the tour.

HAP virtual reality tour landing page

The tours intro page. Page also contains information regarding the navigation in the VR.

HAP start page

Donation pop-up before the start of the VR tour.

HAP tour donation

Welcome banner

HAP welcome

Landscape paintings exhibit

HAP landscape painting


View HAP VR Tour Prototype

Final Thoughts

Given the time constraint, certain parts of the research had to be rushed. My team and I did the best we could. Regardless this project helped me learn a lot about UX research and how to conduct it. The most interesting part was working on a project that focused on a current real world problem.

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